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Storm Damage Repairs and Replacements

damaged roof in Greenwood SCA storm is one of the most common natural disasters that people face. It brings rain and high winds, which can cause extensive damage to homes. After a storm, the first thing most of us do is inspect our homes for damage, and for good reason. It is critical to determine whether any issues require immediate attention in order to avoid further damage.

But what comes after that? Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the storm damage restoration process. To put it another way, here’s what you should do after every storm.

As a storm damage restoration company, we feel it is our duty to offer homeowners responsive, all-inclusive services that identify potential damages and carry out roof repairs in an affordable manner.

When it comes to fixing and restoring storm-damaged roofing, pick Concept Roofing & Gutters in Greenwood, SC.

Quick Attention To Storm Damage Is Important


#1) Hail Damage 

When your roof is hit by a heavy hailstorm, you may not realize how damaging those falling ice balls were to your roof! Large hail with high velocities and sizes can actually punch holes in the roof deck or expose it. If left unattended for an extended period of time, this is begging for a leak or worse, a total roof replacement.

Even minor hail marks may contain fissures that effectively destroy a shingle’s lifespan and ability to withstand the next storm.

#2) Take Missing Shingles Seriously

Your roof’s shingles being blown off by the wind is a bigger issue than just curb appeal. The same holds true for shingles that are loose and about to fall, that are cracked in half, that are left hanging, or that have been moved.

A roof and consequently, your home’s energy efficiency suffer from missing shingles. They put your roof at risk of leaking. They allow moisture to pass through the water barrier, which could eventually result in mold, mildew, or wood rot.

#3) A Minor Leak Can Cause Serious Damage

So, during or right after a storm, you notice a small roof leak inside your house. You consider calling a roofing contractor to fix it but quickly abandon the idea. The following storm makes it worse or two or three leaks appear simultaneously.

Small leaks can grow into larger ones that can cause significant interior damage if they are ignored by homeowners. When you factor in the price of just fixing the roof, drywall work, painting, floor repair, and other expenses, that can get very expensive to fix.

#4) Soffit Damage Could Cause Leaks in the Future

The soffit and overhang at the eaves of your roof help to keep water away from the foundation of your home. It also has a drip edge that runs over the eave but beneath the shingles and into the gutter trough. This helps to prevent roof damage from rotting wood and keeps water from entering your home.

Emergency Damage Repairs In Greenwood, SC

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